Dundalk Simon Community’s Church Gate Collection

Dundalk Simon Community will be having a church gate collection in Dundalk in all local churches on Saturday the 8th of June and Sunday the 9th of June 2019.

We rely heavily on Church Gate Collections as a source of funding to help provide services for local men and women who are currently experiencing homelessness. Dundalk Simon Community have two Church Gate collections which raise over €25,000 annually.

Please help us try to increase the amount raised at our summer Church gate collection as the majority of the money raised is collected at the December collection.

Whether summer or winter, hot or cold, there’s no good time to be homeless. Always contending with the dangers of the streets, sometimes debilitating heat and possible dehydration in the summer months accompanied with cold and rain in the winter, homelessness in whatever season is not a walk in the park.

Anyone wanting to Volunteer can contact Yvonne at 042 933 9583.

Thank you for your continued support.

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